Haunted Fort 2017

By Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park (other events)

11 Dates Through Oct 29, 2017

How does an old frontier fort like Fort Abraham Lincoln become a place of haunting stories and supernatural sightings? A place where a faint whisper in the dark becomes voices of the past echoing through time? A place where the sound of retreating footsteps in the night alerts all of your senses? How does a place like Fort Abraham Lincoln become…haunted? Fort Abraham Lincoln was a place of truths, with real stories that grew into myth.  Now, it is a place of paranormal legends.

Fort Abraham Lincoln has long been recognized as one of a few haunted places in North Dakota. The Custer House, a reconstruction of the commanding officer’s quarters that was once there, still holds a place in the top ten most haunted buildings in North Dakota.  The house reflects over 100 years of history, including paranormal myths and legends.  Could it really be haunted?

This October, “The Haunted Fort” rises from the darkness to terrify the innocent and play its sinister games with the minds of those who dare to visit.  Those brave souls know that Haunted Fort delivers a scare unlike any haunted place in the region.

Haunted Fort is #1 for terrifying fun in North Dakota State Parks. One of our new features this year is “The Battlefield,” where you can try your skills at killing live zombies.  “The Battlefield” is the first zombie paintball gallery in the region.   Make a plan to protect your friends and experience the dark legends of North Dakota’s #1 haunted attraction, “The Haunted Fort.” 

Join the terrifing fun at the Haunted Fort this October at Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park 



Participants will experience
- Intense audio and lighting
- Extreme low visibility
- Strobe lighting
- Fog
- Damp and wet conditions
- Physically demanding environment
- Participants may be hooded

You should not participate if you are
- Pregnant
- Have claustrophobia
- Are prone to seizures
- Have heart or respiratory problems


You will not be admitted if you:
- Appear intoxicated
- Are wearing any form of temporary cast, medical brace or crutches
- Are wearing any type of Halloween mask or face/head covering

No photography or videography is allowed on the premises
Smoking is not allowed anywhere in and around Haunted Fort
Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited at Haunted Fort
No outside food or beverages will be allowed during the Haunted Fort tour.
No running, touching of props, or actors while touring Haunted Fort will be allowed

If you violate any of these rules you will be asked to leave Haunted Fort